UWM – a Parent-Friendly University

Apart from being appreciated as a Student-Friendly University, UWM has also been awarded another honourable title: a Parent-Friendly University.

Such a name was given to the University of Warmia and Mazury by PLinEU European Advisors Association – a non-governmental organization that for ten years has been carrying out projects and supporting initiatives centred around the idea of life and work balance. The aim of this contest, which involved Polish universities and colleges, was to examine the conditions and facilities offered to students and doctoral candidates who have just become parents. Regarding these factors, the selection board decided to give the award of distinction to UWM. What were their motives?

– This University creates space that is found convenient by parents who still study or develop their academic careers, and it provides young parents with solutions to combine work with family life – says Marta Chlanda, the contest coordinator.

The selection board appreciated the fact that UWM regulations take into account young parents’ needs and enable individual organization of studies, that pregnant women do not need to wait in lines to be helped, young families can live in dormitories, and that the campus conditions are perfect for bringing up children.

UWM is not a collector of titles, but…it was twice awarded the name of a Student-Friendly University, it won Forbes magazine diamond for a dynamic development, and it was announced a Leader of Implementing Regional Innovation Strategies by the Ministry of Regional Development. Moreover, only Kortowo was given a special award of distinction in “The Seven New Wonders of Poland” contest run by National Geographic Traveler magazine.

transl. by AP


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