UWM Medicine ranks fourth in Poland

According to the results of Physicians Final Examination (LEK), graduates of Medicine at the University of Warmia and Mazury are fourth in Poland.

The first three positions were taken by “the old” universities: Medical University of Warsaw, Poznań University of Medical Sciences and by Jagiellonian University Medical College. As classified below UWM, there were medical universities of: Gdańsk, Wrocław, Białystok, Katowice, Łódź, Lublin and Bydgoszcz.

Almost 96% of students from Olsztyn passed the exam successfully. Concerning the passing rate, such a result provides UWM with the second position, right below Medical University of Gdańsk.

The Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of Warmia and Mazury is very young. It was established in 2007, and in 2010 it launched English-language studies. In March 2014, the Faculty of Medical Sciences was included on the list of centers accredited in the United States. American students of this faculty are allowed to request financial compensation from the American government, just as if UWM was an American University. After graduating in Poland, they can also take National Medical Exam in the USA, having the same rights as their peers who graduated from American universities. Owing to the accreditation, the rest of the UWM medicine graduates are also allowed to sit for such an exam, and to apply for a job in the United States of America.

Translated by AP

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