UWM medical graduates in the lead again

studenci na zajęciach w laboratorium
Physicians - UWM graduates - who graduated in the last two years were ranked second during the fall session of 2021 of the Medical Final Examination.

The Centre for Medical Examinations in Łódź has releasedthe cumulative results of the Medical Final Examination for the fall session of 2021. The UWM's Faculty of Medicine once again took second place. Only the College of Medical Sciences of the University of Rzeszów was ahead of us. The third place was taken by the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin.

After graduation, medical graduates in Poland who want to become doctors must take the national Medical Final Examination. It consists of 200 test tasks from the entire range of medicine. Nationwide, 7,375 candidates took the exam in the fall session of 2021, scoring an average of 161.4 points. The maximum score was 187 out of 195 that could be obtained (5 questions were invalidated). A score below 56% was received by 163 candidates.

From the Faculty of Medicine, Collegium Medicum UWM, 25 out of 30 registered graduates took the exam. The highest score was 180 points. The lowest score was 140 points. All of them passed.

This is another success of the graduates of our Faculty of Medicine. In previous years, future doctors graduating from UWM also placed highly. Passing the exam so well opens up many opportunities for them.


The Faculty of Medical Sciences was established on 17 July 2007. In the first year, it only offered nursing studies. The School of Medicine was opened in October 2008. Two years later, the School launched English-language studies. In 2011, The Central Commission for Titles and Degrees granted the Faculty the right to confer the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences and, in 2016 - the right to confer the degree of Doctor Habilitated.

The Collegium Medicum was formed at UWM in the academic year of 2017 by the Faculty of Medicine offering medical studies and the School of Public Health offering nursing, midwifery, emergency medicine and dietetics.

In June 2009, the University Clinical Hospital was incorporated into the Faculty structure. It was created from a former military hospital added to the university. Since then, the hospital has undergone continuous modernization and expansion and a medical campus is being built around it. The Centre for Experimental Medicine and the Centre for Medical Simulation are parts of the campus.


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