UWM Library the most popular in Poland!

We know the results of the contest for the most popular academic library in Poland. With 1151 votes, the title and the award were won by the Library of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.

The community of the University of Warmia and Mazury once again proved their deep commitment and integration. At first, Kortowiada won the prestigious ProJuvenes 2014 – the poll for the best student festival in Poland. Now, our University Library has beaten the Scientific Information Centre and Academic Library in Katowice. The victory was exciting, because of the fierce competition – the Library in Katowice had been occupying the first position since the poll was launched.

It was the third time that the contest has been organized. This year, it was held on 6-28 November, and it involved as many as 41 libraries from all over Poland. Only a student, or any other user of a library, could enter it for the contest.

The title of the most popular library is not the only award. The University Library also won a set of 16 small and 8 big poufs, as well as lamps and books. According to the observations of librarians working at UWM, the equipment will be highly useful to the users, because of the growing trend to learn in the library.

KB, syla
Transl. by AP

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