UWM Geodesy on the trail of missing planes

Gone without a trace. Such an announcement may never be made again, owing to the idea hit on by two of our doctoral candidates: mgr eng. Dariusz Tanajewski, and mgr eng. Grzegorz Grunwald.

Everything started with the missing Malaysia Airlines plane that probably crashed over the Indian Ocean in March 2014. Months of unsuccessful search drove mgr eng. Dariusz Tanajewski and mgr eng. Grzegorz Grunwald, doctoral candidates from the Chair of Satellite Geodesy and Navigation at the Faculty of Geodesy and Land Management UWM, to develop a more effective method for searching planes in large bodies of water.

 They entered the concept for this year's edition of the European Satellite Navigation Competition (Galileo Masters) and...they won it. The scientists from Olsztyn designed a technology that is based on satellite signals and is able to locate planes that crashed into seas or oceans. It also helps rescuers   reach survivors in a relatively short time after the catastrophe.

 – I cannot share the details concerning the proposed method now, because it is at an early stage of commercialization. Our idea aims at enhancing the effectiveness of rescue operations in the case of plane crashes over oceans or other large bodies of water. The crash of Malaysia Airlines plane proved that emergency services are helpless at that matter. We introduced a solution that may boost the effectiveness of the conducted operations – Dariusz Tanajewski explains.

 – The initial interest in our project was shown by the Black Pearls capital fund – tells us Grzegorz Grunwald.


Paulina Iwaniuk

Transl. by AP

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