UWM again eleventh in Poland

Stable, firmly- founded and uniform - this is a brief description of the University of Warmia and Mazury. It has been confirmed by the latest ranking of Polish universities carried by the "Perspectives" Educational Foundation.

The "Perspectives" Educational Foundation published its 17th annual ranking of Polish universities and it assessed 315 universities and 47 fields of study. How did it the UWM do?

In this year's ranking of universities, we ranked 11th out of 22. Our university kept its strong position in this category which it earned two years ago, ahead of others, including the Universities of Bialystok, Szczecin and the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski in Warsaw, as well as all of the so-called “young” universities.

In the overall ranking of 90 public academic institutions in Poland, the UWM ranked 35th, exactly the same as the year before. In both of the rankings, the winners of the first 3 places were the University of Warsaw, the Jagiellonian University and the University of Poznań.

The strong and stable position of the UWM is confirmed by the ranking of the fields of study. The highest position among the faculties of UWM was achieved, again, by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine with its 3rd place in Poland. Our Animal Husbandry and Landscape Architecture departments also did well, reaching 4th place in Poland. The sixth place in Poland was taken by our Environmental Protection program conducted at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, while this field of study offered by the Department of Environmental Management and Agriculture was 8th. Agriculture was 8th in Poland, while Environmental Engineering placed 9th. The UWM’s Faculty of Food Science was also among the top ten best Polish faculties. Many of our fields of study were placed in the middle of the rankings.


When reading the ranking, it is also important to note the dynamics of changes over the previous years. The biggest jump was recorded by Legal Sciences at the Faculty of Theology at UWM. It improved its position by as much as 9 points and moved up from 20th to 11th place in Poland. The Faculty of Law and Administration was also promoted from 20th to 17th place in the country.


As well, a seemingly low ranking of a field of study does not mean that it is weak. For example, the UWM’s Mechanical Engineering or Mechatronics appear to be ranked rather low, but these are technical studies that were ranked directly after technical colleges and polytechnical universities and ahead of similar programs offered by other universities.


The authors of the ranking also ranked the universities in each of the evaluated criteria. These seven criteria were: innovation, scientific efficiency, scientific potential, employer preferences, academic prestige, scientific publications and internationalization. Unfortunately, this year they omitted the conditions of education (Kortowo was  previously our greatest advantage), for which we used to receive a great number of  points.

Among the 50 classified academic schools, in terms of innovation, for example, we are in 17th place. Behind us there are, among others, the University in Lublin, the N. Copernicus University in Toruń and the University of Gdańsk. In terms of prestige among academics – we are in 23rd place; in terms of scientific potential, we are in 24th, and in terms of  employer preferences – we occupy 31st place in Poland. However, in the opinion of employers from Warmia and Mazury, the UWM easily beats all other Polish universities. The second in this classification – the University of  Warsaw – has 70 points, against 100 scored by the UWM.

The ranking process was supervised by a jury, consisting of representatives of major academic communities and employers employing the university graduates. As in previous years, Professor Michał Kleiber, a former president of the Polish Academy of Sciences, presided over the jury.