Three UWM representatives in the Council of Scientific Excellence

Three UWM representatives were elected to the Council of Scientific Excellence. During the UWM Senate meeting on 24 May, they received letters of congratulation from the Rector.

The election to the Council of Scientific Excellence (CSE) was held in April. As a result, the following UWM scientists were elected to the Council: Prof. Jan Jankowski from the Faculty of Animal Bioengineering (the discipline of zootechnology and fishery), Prof. Andrzej Koncicki from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (the discipline of veterinary medicine) and Prof. Arkadiusz Żukowski from the Faculty of Social Sciences (the discipline of the political and administration sciences). All three professors were elected with a great number of votes. Prof. Koncicki and Żukowski with the highest number of votes in their discipline, and Prof. Jankowski in the second place. Their term will last 4 years, beginning on 1 January.

The CSE will start its work with a plenary session, when a part of the presidium will be elected. In the first meeting, individual sections of the Council will elect its presidents.

For Prof. Jankowski, this is his fourth term in this body, the difference being that the three previous ones were held in the Central Commission for Degrees and Titles – the predecessor of the CSE.

‘We have the same aim: ensuring the high quality of the Polish science, but the work in the CSE will slightly differ from the work in its predecessor. Previously, for instance, faculties applied to grant academic degrees. Now, the applicants themselves can do it, without the participation of faculties. Reviewers in the CSE will be elected randomly, among candidates proposed by sections representing individual scientific disciplines’, Prof. Jankowski explains.

The Council for Scientific Excellence is a new body acting in support of development of the academic staff. It was established under the “Constitution for Science”, replacing the Central Commission for Degrees and Titles. Its aim is to ensure the highest quality standards of research achievements required for obtaining academic degrees of doctor and doctor habilitated, and the title of professor, as well as degrees and title of the professor in the field of arts. The composition of the CSE is established through elections, in which all persons holding the degree of doctor habilitated or professor can participate. The Council consists of 3 representatives for each of the 45 scientific disciplines. In the Central Commission for Degrees and Titles consisting of 300 members, UWM had five representatives.