The UWM Business Academy

The University of Warmia and Mazury has launched the first Business Academy in Poland. It will teach its students entrepreneurship, team management and how to commercially use the knowledge they have acquired.

The Academy is modelled on leading Scandinavian establishments which are the best at matching education with the business environment. In this way, it makes use of their experience and the best patterns of student entrepreneurship development and of their ways of commercialising research results.  

Who is this school for? For undergraduate students (first-cycle studies) who have completed the second semester, postgraduate students (second-cycle studies) and for doctoral students at the UWM and the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The classes at the Business Academy will be held in Kortowo, at the Academy at ul. Heweliusza 14, and in the cooperating companies. Academics, successful business representatives, management staff and company owners will be giving lectures. What is more, the Academy students will be given the assistance of mentors and consultant practitioners who will help them to establish a basis for their own start-ups and prepare them to perform management functions.     

The Academy breaks with the traditional division into lectures, classes and internships, replacing them with workshops, meetings with businesspeople, solving market problems and creating one’s own business model. One of the ways of studying at the Academy will be, among others, a simulation game relating to one’s own company. 

An Academy graduate will be required to complete a final project. It could be an innovative idea and the way of its implementation could be a business project for a start-up company, together with a complete description of the planned business activity and a business plan. Thus, Academy graduates will gain complete knowledge necessary to carry out their business plans, run their own innovative companies and implement commercial ideas. Moreover, they will receive a diploma from the UWM Business Academy and ECTS credits.   


Studies at the Business Academy of UWM will last 2 semesters and will be free of charge. The course will start in November 2017. Enrolment in the Academy, through the IRK system, will start on 1 September 2017. Due to high educational standards, there is an upper limit on the number of students in the Academy, i.e. 30. 

More about the Business Academy at UWM on the website:


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