The rise of the UWM in the “Perspektywy” ranking

The Perspektywy Foundation has published the 21st Ranking of Higher Education Institutions – Perspektywy 2020. The UWM moved up from the 9th to 7th place, ahead of the University of Gdańsk (8th place) and the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw (9th place), among others. Jagiellonian University is in the lead, the University of Warsaw is ranked second and the Warsaw University of Technology is ranked third.

This category included 21 universities. The university in Olsztyn also performed well in the general classification, in which we moved up from 31st to 26th position.

“I am very pleased with this rise. There are over 100 academic schools in Poland, so the 26th position is a very good one for us. We have moved up five places, which is something we are very satisfied with,” stresses Professor Jerzy Przyborowski, Rector-Elect of the UWM.

The greatest asset of the University of Warmia and Mazury is its highly qualified teaching staff. This is confirmed by the 4th place in the ranking in terms of studying conditions. Here we are just behind: Jagiellonian University, the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and Warsaw University.

“This is a very high position. Of course, it is not only the natural conditions, the location of the campus, which is undoubtedly unique, that are taken into account here, but also the living conditions for students, the entire sports infrastructure, the possibility of participating in scientific groups and developing one’s own passions. This all adds up to this fourth place. We will make every effort to improve it even further,” adds Prof. Jerzy Przyborowski.

The ranking of Study Programmes included 70 of the most popular study programmes.

In this ranking, as many as 12 programmes offered by UWM ranked in the top 10 in Poland. Last year there were 10 of them. The highest classified programme at the UWM is Animal Husbandry, which is ranked second in Poland. The third place was taken by Veterinary Medicine, while the fourth place was taken by Landscape Architecture and Agricultural, Environmental Engineering and Forestry programmes. The fifth place in Poland is held by Journalism and Social Communication. Three programmes are tied for sixth place in Poland: Geodesy and Cartography, Food and Nutrition Studies and Medicine. The and the eighth– by Special Needs Pedagogy. Theology and Political Sciences are ranked ninth. Just behind the top ten, the eleventh place was taken by Biology, Biotechnology and Nursing, as well as Tourism and Recreation. The ranking included a total of 27 programmes offered by the UWM.

“Most of the evaluated study programmes at our University have risen in the ranking. We are very surprised by some of them. Medicine has moved up from 17th to 6th place in Poland – ahead of medical universities with well-established traditions. This is really a great success. But also the programmes in the area of social sciences and humanities have risen quite significantly. I think we can look confidently into the future and all high school graduates are warmly invited to study at the University of Warmia and Mazury. The results of this year’s ranking prove that we guarantee education of the high quality,” concludes Prof. Jerzy Przyborowski.

The Perspektywy Ranking also includes 29 indicators grouped into seven criteria: prestige, graduates in the labour market, scientific potential, scientific effectiveness, innovativeness and internationalisation. Thus, in terms of prestige, the UWM was ranked 27th among all universities in Poland, and it was 46th in terms of the position of graduates in the labour market. The University ranks 27th in terms of scientific potential and 25th in terms of innovativeness. Scientific effectiveness puts the University in 29th place, while in terms of publications and internationalisation the UWM comes in 42nd and 47th.