The Faculty of Arts has its own recording studio

recording studio
The students at the UWM Institute of Music can now use a new recording studio. It is one of the state-of-the-art facilities of its kind. The studio will provide top-level training in sound directing.

The Institute of Music of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Warmia and Mazury has been equipped with a professional recording studio. The studio was officially inaugurated on 28 April. It is one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in the region. It will provide top-quality education in the new programme of studies, Music Production and Sound Engineering, which the university authorities plan to introduce to the educational offer next year. It will also offer services to artists outside the university.

The studio occupies three rooms on the top floor of the Faculty of Arts building. It has been in informal operation since December last year, as the equipment had been tested and calibrated over several months. The design and adaptation work in the building took over two years.

“We were thinking about setting up the studio already five years ago. We realised that for the Institute of Music to evolve, it was necessary to look for new opportunities, new technologies. So the idea of starting a recording studio came up. Top-class equipment was successively purchased over a period of five years. We will soon submit an application to launch a Music Production and Sound Engineeringprogramme starting from the academic year 2022/23. I hope that we will successfully meet all the requirements,” emphasizes Prof. Benedykt Błoński, Dean of the Faculty of Arts.

The studio is actually a complex of rooms. It consists of a large recording room, a control room and a vocal booth, which is also used to record dialogue. All rooms are equipped with separate air-conditioning, are specially soundproofed and isolated not only from street noise but also from mobile and radio waves.

“It was a real challenge to design and set up a studio in this building. The walls had to be able to fit in around 2 km of cables, and the suspended ceiling in the main room weighs over a tonne,” Dr. Adam Rosiński, one of the studio’s designers and its manager explains.

Special panels were used to soundproof the walls and provide the rooms with required acoustics and soundproof blinds to protect the windows. Each room can be set to a different temperature or light intensity. Each of them also has a different colour scheme. The large recording room is dominated by reds and oranges, the control room is kept in sea blue and ecru and the vocal-dialogue booth is green.

“All details have been carefully designed. Nothing is allowed to be random here. The studio staff have at their disposal, among others, a mixing console with automatically moving sliders, one of the most advanced on the market, and many pieces of equipment have been manufactured especially for us in the USA, Great Britain and Germany,” says Dr. Rosiński.

The studio is already being used by students of the Institute of Music. They learn here to work as recording artists and as sound engineers. The students can use modern instruments, including a hybrid piano, a drum kit and a whole range of virtual instruments.

Małgorzata Hołubowska

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