The “Empatia” Academic Support Centre offers its services

The Academic Support Centre “Empatia” (Empathy) is now operating at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.

“Empatia” is an academic centre offering psychological services provided by professionals from the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The mission of the Academic Support Centre “Empatia” is to provide psychological support in the area of psychological consultations, interpersonal workshops, guidelines and advice to those students of our University who are experiencing an emotional crisis, feel helpless in the face of their own emotions, want to fight with their addictions, are stuck in toxic relations, express their willingness to develop their interpersonal skills and who want to better understand the world of relations both with the others and with themselves.

The Academic Support Centre “Empatia” is open to all students, doctoral candidates and employees who require psychological assistance and support. Visits are free of charge.

More information and conditions for participation in the project are available on the project website “Żagiel możliwości” (Sail of possibilities) under the Akademickie Centrum Wsparcia „Empatia” tab.


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