Students designing models and their own future

Mateusz Rynkiewicz and Tomasz Zimorski – UWM students of Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Technical Sciences kept their faculty’s winning streak going, and were highly ranked in a design competition.

The competition was held by the CNS Solutions Company, the distributor of SolidWorks software. The aim of the competition was to select the best design created with SolidWorks software, and enable the participants of the competition to become known at the engineering market.

Mateusz Rynkiewicz (in the photo on the left) won the third place. He is a student of Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering. He designed an impressive pleasure craft. It was the first time that he has taken part in this competition.

Tomasz Zimorski, also a student of Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, won the award of distinction. He found out about the competition from a poster, and designed a mechanical watch. He took the inspiration for the project from TV programs presenting unusual mechanical watches. His model is very innovative, since the hour-hand makes one revolution in a 36-hour cycle, not in 12 hours as it is the case with regular watches.

Both students have a wide range of interests. Tomasz Zimorski spends most of his leisure time on improving his physical fitness. Mateusz Rynkiewicz, apart from being passionate about his branch of studies, is also interested in music – he plays the guitar.

The designs were characterized by a high construction level. They were assessed in terms of: structure functionality, modelling method, innovation level, and the use of  functions contained in SolidWorks Education Edition and Simulation software packages.

It was not the first time that UWM students of the Faculty of Technical Sciences have achieved success in the SolidWorks design competition. In 2013, Bartosz Rosse won the first prize; in 2007 it was Tomasz Nalborski; in 2010 the third place was won by Łukasz Cieszyński, in 2012 the fourth position went to Bartosz Rosse, and in 2006 – also the fourth place– was won by Emil Przemielewski.

Ewelina Kamińka, Wioleta Wróbel
Transl. by AP

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