Startup Weekend Olsztyn #3

SW Olsztyn is held for the 3rd time. The main focus of the event are B2B ideas. You are welcome to come! Set up your own team or join those talented and creative. Test yourself! Participants make teams and create startups over 54 hours.

It is the essential to get people of various areas and fields to work together on an idea. People participating in SW include programmers, marketing specialists, graphic designers, but also... people with a vision. Anyone with an idea, who would like to create something new, can come.

The teams are assisted by mentors who will come to Olsztyn from all over Poland and from abroad. Among them there are investors and entrepreneurs who began their activities in a similar manner and succeeded. Over 54 hours, the team members will get to know one another, design the appearance of their startup and present it to the jury, who will evaluate their work.

SW Olsztyn will be held on 7-9 July 2017/ To find out more, go to:


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