Scientific Centre of Good Nutrition

Eighteen laboratories, modern equipment, and the opportunity to conduct research on food bioevaluation, human nutrition and gastronomy. The Faculty of Nutrition Science of University of Warmia and Mazury has been enriched with another unique research facility.

Centre of Gastronomy and Cooking has started its activity through the Faculty of Nutrition Science of UWM. The official opening of this scientific and research institution, the only institution of its kind in Poland, took place on 28th November.  The newly built building covers around 3 thousand m2  and includes 18 science laboratories for research on gastronomy, human nutrition and food bioevaluation. It was built within an extremely short time. The construction works started in November 2014 and the commissioning took place in August 2015. The cost of constructing the building was close to about PLN 12 million, 90 % of which was provided by EU funds from the Development of Eastern Poland 2007-2013 Operational Programme.    

The Centre is a scientific and research institution but it will also be available for the needs of the city and region.

- We want to support the development of the local entrepreneurship, especially small cooking facilities, through training sessions. We will also organize training sessions regarding human nutrition - explains Prof Lidia Wądołowska, Head of the Centre of Gastronomy and Cooking.

The human nutrition laboratory is equipped with, i.a. special scales for determining the body’s composition, that is: fat content, water content, muscles layout, a skinfold caliper and tape measure.  The laboratory for biochemical tests of the nutritional condition is equipped with, i.a. biochemical, immunoassay and haematology analyzers, and a microscope with a digital camera. In the Centre there is also a physical-chemistry laboratory, an instrumental analysis laboratory equipped with, i.a. an artificial nose, instruments assessing the texture and measuring colours; as well as laboratory for research on energy expenditure, and specialist cooking workshops.   



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