• Ewelina Kolankowska and prof. Dariusz Choszcz

    Spelt. Overcoming five hundred years of stagnation

    Spelt is a crop forgotten by farmers and agricultural technology for five centuries. Prof. Dariusz Choszcz from the Faculty of Technical Sciences has built a machine for its cleaning and sorting, offering an innovative solution on a global scale.
  • Doctor Tomasz Waśniewski

    Pioneering surgery gives life

    Tomasz Waśniewski, MD PhD, and his team performed a successful, pioneering surgery for suppressing labour in a twin pregnancy after the miscarriage of one, dead foetus. In this way, by delaying delivery for almost 12 weeks, he saved the life of the second foetus.
  • Prof. Anna Wójcik

    A herbal preparation to relieve stress

    The first in Poland and perhaps in the world, herbal preparation to calm slaughter poultry – a humanitarian revolution for ensuring welfare and high quality of meat, has been patented by UWM researchers.
  • prof. Danuta Kruk

    Prof. Danuta Kruk in the finals of the European Competition

    Prof. Danuta Kruk from the Chair of the Relativistic Physics in the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Studies UWM became a finalist in the prestigious scientific Innovation Radar prize, initiated by the European Commission.
  • Professor Urszula Wachowska, PhD

    Yeasts – a farmer's natural friend

    Is it possible that yeast, i.e. microorganisms well-known in the baking, brewing and alcohol-distilling industries, could be a poison? Indeed, they can; and this poison may be very useful in farming. This has been proven, for the first time in Poland and Europe, by Professor Urszula Wachowska, PhD. at the University of Warmia and Mazury (UWM).
  • scholarships , Ministry of Science and Higher Education , UWM

    The Ministry of Science and Higher Education scholarships for young UWM scientists

    Three young UWM researchers will receive scholarships funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for young outstanding scientists. These are: Dr inż. Justyna Możejko-Ciesielska, Dr Tomasz Stenzel and Dr Mikołaj Tarkowski.
  • experimental surgery of implantation of brain stimulants to comatose patients , UWM Olsztyn. prof. Wojciech Maksymowicz

    Doctors talk of success

    The Teaching Hospital at the University of Warmia and Mazury is the first site in Europe where an experimental surgery of implantation of brain stimulants to comatose patients was carried out. Two months on, the doctors talk of a success.
  • prof. Jan Limanowski, UWM Olsztyn, jogurt, mieszadło statyczne

    The secret of yoghurt – the idea is the most important

    How to mix white yoghurt with fruit chunks, so it is not only tasty, but also visually attractive? Prof. Jan Limanowski from the UWM patented mixers used in food processing plants both in Poland and abroad.
  • 19/05/2016

    A young scientist from the UWM becomes a laureate of the Foundation for Polish Science

    Artur Mielcarek, M.Sc. Eng., a PhD student in the Department of Environmental Engineering of the UWM is one of this year’s laureates of the START competition of the Foundation for Polish Science. START is the largest scholarship programme in Poland directed to the best young researchers.
  • 25/04/2016

    Science lends a helping hand to autistic children

    The number of autistic children is growing. Scientists at the UWM want to help to fight the condition by developing a nutritional and medicinal formula from cow’s milk, but without casein.