Prof. Ryszard Górecki re-elected as the Rector of the UWM

Prof. Ryszard Górecki was re-elected as the Rector of the University of Warmia and Mazury to fulfil this function in the 2016-2020 term of office. The electoral college also elected vice-rectors.

On Wednesday, 16 March, elections for the rector and vice-rectors were held at the University of Warmia and Mazury. The university authorities were elected by the electoral college composed of 120 persons - members of the senate, representatives of students and doctorate students and employees of the university administration, with 116 electors present. Prof. Górecki, the present rector and the only candidate for the position of rector, received 95 votes in favour, 15 votes against and 6 abstentions.

The long applause after announcement of the results confirmed that his election was widely supported by the electorate.

Elections of vice-rectors were held in the next part of the meeting. The candidates were proposed by Prof. Górecki. Prof. Grzegorz Białuński received 109 votes, Mirosław Gornowicz, PhD, Professor of the UWM, received 108 votes, Prof. Jerzy Jaroszewski gained 100 votes, Prof. Wojciech Maksymowicz 75 votes and Jerzy Przyborowski, PhD, Professor of the UWM received 107 votes.

Prof. Maksymowicz, Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, is a new name in this group. He was appointed Vice-Rector for the Medical School. Meanwhile, Vice-Rector Przyborowski, apart from tasks related to education, is now also responsible for student affairs. As a candidate for the Vice-Rector for Student affairs, he received 100% support of doctoral students and the student members of the electoral college. Other vice-rectors retained their previous functions.

The very good election results demonstrate that the authorities of the University of Warmia and Mazury are highly appreciated by the university community.




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