Pop-cultural forms of memory

UWM,  pop-cultural forms of memory, conference
We would like to invite you to Olsztyn to the “Pop-cultural forms of memory” conference organised on 20-21 April 2017.

The conference organisers want to look closer at the forms that memory and history take in pop culture and mass culture. Is this sphere currently a space for dialogue or an area of strife and conflict? Are we dealing with new circulations of the past/memory? Or are we perhaps the witnesses of the pop-culturation of history as the past?

The following publications are the culmination of the previous meetings in Olsztyn: Mody w kulturze i literaturze popularnej (Universitas, Kraków 2011), Tropy literatury i kultury popularnej (published by IBL PAN, Warszawa 2014) and Tropy literatury i kultury popularnej II (published by IBL PAN Warszawa 2016). The aim of the present – fourth – symposium is a revival of studies on pop culture in the history/past and on the memory/history in pop culture – not only the global and contemporary, but also the local memory/history before and after 1939.


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