Kortowo zootechnics in the best shape

students ride a horse
The Polish Accreditation Committee has given an outstanding grade to the course of zootechnics at the UWM Faculty of Animal Bioengineering.

Six out of eight criteria for quality assessment used by the PAC have received the highest, outstanding grade. These are: the concept of education and its compatibility with the mission and strategy of the university, the course curriculum and the ability to meet the presumed course objectives, the effectiveness of the internal quality management, the staff providing the course, and the infrastructure used in the course of education. The other criteria: internalization and student care as well as support in education and achievement have been graded as full. The assessment concerns both engineering and post-graduate studies.

-         I’m very glad and, to be honest, very proud of this achievement. I graduated from zootechnics myself and I know that this course is far from easy. Now I’m the dean and I am fully aware how difficult it is to provide education of the highest level in this particular field. I am grateful to all the staff, this is our common success – says prof. Urszula Czarnik, the dean of the FAB.

The PAC assessment has only confirmed the highest quality of teaching at the zootechnics. In this year’s ranking by the “Perspektywy” foundation, the UWM zootechnics came Polish Accreditation Committeeuniversity courses in Poland. This is not a one-off success.

 -  We reached first place in 2018 from third place in 2016 and 2017. We have worked to achieve this for 68 years, which is how old our faculty is (it was originally called the Faculty of Zootechnics). This age is not without its meaning; since 1968 the faculty has had full academic rights in the field of zootechnics. In 2006, in a parametric assessment by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, we were granted the A category, which we have kept ever since. In 2011 the PAC was singled as out as the only zootechnics program in Poland. In 2012, the Minister of Science and Higher Education rewarded us with “the best direction of study” – adds prof. Czarnik.

 The Faculty of Animal Bioengineering employs 65 academic teachers, of which 41 are independent scholars and 26 are titled professors. Six rectors or vice-rectors of the university, 4 members of the Polish Academy of Science and three members of the Central Commission originated from the faculty. Many of the present and former professors are recognized authorities in science. Four of them were granted honorary doctorates  by other university centres. Associate Professor Wojciech Kozera has won the title of the Teacher of The Year twice. All this and other factors translate into a high quality of teaching at our faculty, including the top-ranked zootechnics program.

The PAC will conduct the next academic evaluation of Kortowo zootechnics in the academic year 2026/27