Kortowiada– the best student festival in Poland!

Kortowiada – the festival of UWM students in Olsztyn– was chosen by popular vote organized by the Parliament of Polish Students as the best student festival in Poland. The Parliament is an organization that embraces student unions of all Polish universities.

The fierce competition lasted for about two weeks. At first, as many as fifty student festivals entered for the contest.  Only six best festivals qualified for the second stage, including Kortowiada, which obtained over 25.000 votes from the Internet users, and ultimately won the fight. The second place was taken by Rzeszów Student Festival, and the third position went to the festival in Lublin.

– Owing to the victory we have gained much prestige. We are absolutely satisfied. The whole Poland has heard about the festival in Olsztyn, and the whole Poland envies us – says Paweł Stefanowicz, the chairman UWM Student Union Council.

– Kortowiada is an exceptional event with amazing atmosphere. It is marked by high artistic level, which reaches up to all-Poland or even European rank. Above all, Kortowiada is the students’ event – Paweł Stefanowicz enumerates Kortowiada’s advantages.

– On behalf of the Student Union Council, I would like to express our gratitude to all students, to our authorities led by the Rector, Prof. Ryszard Górecki, to UWM employees, friends of the great Kortowo family, and to each person that supported us during the contest – thank you for helping us prove that our Olsztyn festival is the best in the whole Poland – Paweł Stefanowicz concludes.

Olsztyn Student Festival is an event of a 55-year old tradition. Kortowiada is organized and carried out entirely by students of UWM.

Wioleta Wróbel, a student

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