A jubilee, though without celebrations

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1 June 2020 – the UWM holiday. The 21st anniversary of the UWM establishment would have been different if it had not been for the coronavirus. But it is not the only jubilee which was not celebrated for this reason.

Like every birthday, this one is also an opportunity for looking back. The following facilities have been built during the two decades of the UWM’s existence: the University Library, Collegium Biologiae, the Centre of Humanities, the Conference Centre, the Laboratories of Environmental Biotechnology, the Centre for Aquaculture and Ecological Engineering, the Regional IT Centre, the new facilities of the Faculty of Technical Sciences, the Faculty of Food Sciences, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the Faculty of Animal Bioengineering and the military hospital facilities have been modernised, thus creating a medical campus at ul. Warszawska, which includes the centres for Experimental Medicine and Medical Simulation. The University Swimming Pool and Kortosfera – a centre for science popularisation – were constructed from scratch and the construction of the new building of the faculties of Social Sciences and Law and Administration was started and the student hostels, the stadium, Kortowo Park and the vegetation in the old part of the campus were renovated. There are 135 items on the list of construction and renovation projects at the University, which cost a total of PLN 720 million.

The UWM now comprises 15 faculties, the School of Public Health and the Ełk branch. The University regards high quality of scientific research as one of its major responsibilities. According to the provisions of the new Higher Education Act, 24 science disciplines will undergo their first evaluation in 2021. Most of them stand a chance of receiving category A. During the 21 years since the University was established, 269 researchers have received the titles of professor, 808 – the title of doctor habilitated, 2,365 doctoral dissertations have been defended and more than 300 patents have been granted, both at home and abroad.

In 2020, among the 3,160 of the University staff members, there are 1,837 academic teachers, and 636 professors and habilitated doctors.

Currently, our University is entitled to confer the title of habilitated doctor in 15 scientific disciplines and the title of doctor in 21.

Our researchers are carrying out 170 domestic projects and 29 international ones (14 last year) as well as 4 development ones. The annual financial outlay for research amounts to PLN 95.7 million (PLN 50 million in 2019).

The UWM also denotes a high education quality. Individual education majors are also doing very well. There were as many as 10 UWM majors among the first “10” in Poland in the “Perspektywy” 2019 ranking. It was the same last year. Employers value UWM graduates highly for their professional competences.

So we are not lacking reasons for celebrating. Therefore, let’s be satisfied with what we have, let’s continue our efforts despite the pandemic and let’s put off celebrating until better times come.

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