Prof. Isao Morita - Professor Emeritus of UWM

Prof. Isao Morita
Professor Isao Morita was awarded the title of professor emeritus of UWM for his achievements and for implementing the procedure of implanting stimulators in comatose patients.

The University of Warmia and Mazury honoured Prof. Isao Morita during the first inauguration in Collegium Medicum.  The Department of Medicine requested Professor Isao Morita to be awarded the title of professor emeritus of UWM for implementing an innovative method of treatment for comatose patients treated in UWM Teaching Hospital. In March, the request received a positive opinion of the Senate.

Professor Isao Morita is a professional and moral authority for the whole medical community. It has been proved by his achievements, knowledge, aspiration to reach the scientific truth, and also by his moral attitude – as Prof. Wojciech Maksymowicz, Vice-Rector for the Medical Studies and Research, emphasised during his laudation. He also added that Morita’s knowledge and experience contributed to the development of competences and skills of teaching and research staff of UWM.

Professor Isao Morita was born in 1966, in Japan. His scientific activity is focused on issues of neurosurgery, he specializes in functional electrical stimulation and surgical reconstruction. He works at the Department of Neurosurgery of Fujita Health University. He is a disciple of Professor Tetsuo Kanno, whom the Senate of UWM awarded the title of doctor honoris causa in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the development of worldwide neurosurgery. It took place during the inauguration of the new academic year.

 Great personality of Professor Morita comes together with his modesty, warmth and kindness. He is a man of great virtue. All he does is revolving around his patients. Helping the needful, as he says, he finds fulfilment as a doctor and as a human being, emphasised Professor Wojciech Maksymowicz.

Professor Isao Morita was very thankful that University of Warmia and Mazury appreciated his achievements He was impressed by the work of researchers from Olsztyn. He ensured that he is going to continue the cooperation with them.

Following Prof. Kanno’s recommendation, Prof. Issao Morita began cooperation with the UWM Teaching Hospital. Under his supervision, the team of surgeons led by Professor Wojciech Maksymowicz performed pioneering surgeries on comatose patients in May 2016 – the first such surgeries in Poland. The condition of the majority of the patients improved and several of them woke up. The comatose patients are also rehabilitated in the Clinic named “Budzik dla dorosłych” [alarm clock for adults] functioning in the UWM Teaching Hospital.


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