Grant confirmed

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education will grant the UWM 10 million PLN, including 2 million in 2018, towards a new building for the Faculty of Law and Administration and the Faculty of Social Studies.

On April 9, documents confirming the decisions were signed in the UWM Rector’s office by Professor Ryszard Górecki and D. Sc. Sebastian Skuza, an undersecretary of state. The UWM will receive PLN 2 million in September of this year; the remaining amount will be paid in 2019. The rector has worked to secure this investment for 6 years.

The new building will provide excellent working conditions for two faculties – Law and Administration and Social Studies.

- When the new building is ready, we will move political studies and sociology, now taught in the Faculty of Fine Arts building at Szrajbera Street, to Kortowo. We will also sell the buildings which now house the Social Studies and the Department of Foreign Languages, freeing up funds needed to contribute to the new construction. The long term aim is to set up the Academic Center of Arts and Culture at Szrajbera Street – the UWM rector revealed.


The ministry grant will not suffice to fund the whole construction, whose estimated cost is PLN 34.4 million. How will the university finance the remaining amount?


The new home of both faculties will be located at the corner of Warszawska and Dybowskiego Streets, according to the project designed by the Sosak and Sosak Projekt architectural studio.


The construction of the building may start as soon as in September. The building will be operational in two years’ time. The new home of the faculties will have an area of over 12,500 mand each faculty will get 2,000 m2 of space; 7,000 m2 will make up a shared area.


Except for a partial basement, the building will have between two and four above-ground floors, under a flat roof.  Its maximum height will reach 18 meters.

Six staircases, two elevators and a lifting platform for the disabled have been designed for the building, which will include: lecture halls, classrooms, seminar rooms, computer labs, a court room, a theater practice room, a kindergarten room, a speech therapy room, a DIY practice room, a music hall and a crime lab. In addition, it will house technical and administration rooms, deans’ offices, teachers’ rooms, etc.

The building will have a clinker brick façade, which will relate to the historical architecture of the old part of Kortowo and the former military barracks along Warszawska Street.

The construction will be carried out in two stages. The first part to be raised is designated for the Faculty of Law and Administration. When the lawyers move into their new location, the old one will be torn down, to free up space for the new building which, in turn, will be occupied by the Faculty of  Social Studies.

Lech Kryszałowicz




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