Fascination with biology in Kortowo

What does the world look like under a microscope? What is a scent? Which plants had an impact on the world history? Answers to all of these questions could be found during The Night of Biologists.

It was the fourth time that the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology UWM has invited all fans and people keen on life sciences to Kortowo. The Night of Biologists took place on 9 January. Organizers of the event prepared almost one hundred various attractions for the participants. Each year, the organizers are led by the same idea – they want to present biological sciences in an interesting and accessible way.

Among other things, scholars from Kortowo organized a remarkable plant exhibition. The participants had an opportunity to discover which species exerted influence on the world history – some of them were a cause of wars and conflicts, and some incited the development of civilizations, for instance through discovering and exploring new lands. The exhibition could not lack so called “killer-plants”, for example the castor oil plant which is more poisonous than a snake venom.

Girls from a secondary school in Nidzica got exceptionally interested in plants that are used in the production of cosmetics. On the other hand, children from the Kindergarten no. 40 in Olsztyn were presented with exotic plants.

The third floor of the Collegium Biologiae was truly besieged.  Pupils mixed various colours so as to obtain a new one, and thus also learned how to pipette. A few steps further, they could find out that cabbage can be helpful for a chemist, as due to its properties, cabbage changes its colour depending on the pH value of the environment. Moreover, older pupils had a chance to participate in a discussion on biofuels, and discover whether the process of their production is difficult.

The Night of Biologists is a Poland-wide event involving twenty six academic centres in the whole country.

transl. by AP

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