Evening meetings with philosophy

The Department of Philosophy at the University of Warmia and Mazury together with the Jaracza Theatre in Olsztyn have launched a series of lectures titled “Wieczorówka Filozoficzna” [Eng. “Philosophical Evenings”]. Lecturers from the Department of Philosophy present various dilemmas of the contemporary world, and then actors read out philosophical works.

The idea for the lectures is to maintain them in the convention of a Polish school from the 1960’s. Thus, pupils receive school badges that are pinned onto their sleeves, they may be called on duty and wear special bands, and the subject of the lesson is written down with chalk on an old blackboard. The foyer of “Duża Scena” [“Main Stage”] at the Jaracza Theatre in Olsztyn was organized into a classroom. Katarzyna Purłan, the specialist for the promotion and organization of the “Margines” Stage, explains that the idea of Philosophical Evenings emerged spontaneously in the summer as a proposition for all Olsztyn citizens who are interested in philosophical issues.

The Evenings started with nihilism, which was presented in a lecture by Dr hab. Andrzej Kucner, the head of the Department of Philosophy. Another lecture, “O szczęściu nieszczęśnie” [“Of happiness unhappily”], was delivered by Dr hab. Jacek Sobota from the Unit of Philosophical Anthropology, the Philosophy of Culture and Aesthetics at the Department of Philosophy. The discussion was based upon a short story “Kobyszczę” by Stanisław Lem, and Jacek Sobota’s “Druga przepowiednia”.
Philosophical Evenings have gained much popularity among Olsztyn citizens. The organizers expected about twenty attendants at the first meeting, but there came fifty of them. At the second meeting, they expected fifty, but there were as many as eighty participants.

One series of lectures consists of four meetings. The third one will be led by Dr Jadwiga Błahut-Prusik; the topic – “Dostoevsky on Manhattan”.  The topic of the fourth meeting remains a secret.

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