Botanical Garden in Kortowo

A natural therapy centre, teahouse, historic gardens, walking areas pleasurable for both disabled and non-disabled visitors, a special sensory garden – all of the above is conveyed within the project of a botanic garden in Kortowo.

The garden will cover 24 hectares, including the remnants of a former lake, and a fair-sized shoreline of Kortowskie Lake. According to the project, the garden will be divided into several areas – a five-hectare natural therapy zone with a rehabilitation complex, a zone of historic gardens maintained in the medieval, renaissance and baroque styles, as well as a collective area with the former lake remains, which will enable the display of aquatic plants as well. The garden will encompass a net of walking lanes, several wooden platforms, small bridges, observation decks, and jetties over the pond or lake.

At the highest point of the garden, where the view of the lake is breathtaking, a teahouse with a mini-palmetum is planned to be located. The entire object will be environmentally friendly – exploiting geothermal energy, rainwater in flushing system, and solar panels. Scientists are planning to create a collection of indigenous and exotic plants, especially of protected species.

The garden is supposed to serve as a research station for scientists and students of science faculties, and as a place where Olsztyn inhabitants will actively spend their leisure time. A detailed project of the Kortowo Botanic Garden will be submitted at the session of UWM Senate. The completion date depends on obtaining funds necessary to realize the project.

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Photo: the project of a teahouse with a view of Kortowskie Lake

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