An UWM Honoris Causa doctor becomes the new President of the Bundestag

Dr Wolfgang Schäuble, Honoris Causa Doctor of the Warmia and Mazury University, became the new President of the German Parliament.

Dr. Schäuble was elected the president of the Bundestag on 24 October 2017, winning 501 votes in the 630-member chamber of the German Parliament. Consequently, he resigned from his government post.

For the last eight years, he has been the face of economic policy carried out by the German government. He was the Minister of Finance, both in the second and in the third government of Angela Merkel. In her first term as Chancellor, Dr. Schäuble led the Ministry of the Interior. It was he who stood behind the belt-tightening policy recommended to Greece, Italy and Spain when the financial crisis broke out.

Wolfgang Schäuble is the longest-serving politician in the Bundestag, holding his seat in the Parliament since 1972. He is a very influential member of CDU. The CDU authorities justified this decision by declaring that the Parliament, with 94 representatives of radical-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), will need a strong president.

Dr Wolfgang Schäuble received the Honoris Causa doctorate of the University of Warmia and Mazury on 1 October 2006. The Senate of the UWM granted this title to Dr Schäuble to recognize his contribution into bringing Germans and Poles closer together.

The UWM community expresses its sincere congratulations to the new President of the Bundestag on his appointment to this important post, wishing him a lot of success.


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