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Academic clubs are waiting for you!

At this time of the year, sections of the Academic Culture Centre (ACK) hold their annual enrollment meetings. Every student can find something to their taste, as ACK comprises of not only artistic and cultural clubs, but also the ones devoted to sport or travelling.

Academic Diving Club “Skorpena”, Student Motorcycle Club “Tabun”, Fantasy Lovers Club “Olifant”, or more famous: UWM Choir, Song and Dance Ensemble “Kortowo”, Academic Brass Orchestra, and many others – they are waiting just for you!

Each of the clubs unites students who pursue their passions. One would never find the courage to decide on something that, on the other hand, can be so easily achieved by a whole group.

It is enough to look at what has been achieved by several of our clubs this year: UWM Yacht Club went on a sea cruise, Student Motorcycle Club “Tabun” travelled around Norway, Song and Dance Ensemble “Kortowo” performed in Zacatecas, Mexico, at one of the greatest folklore festivals in the world.

Members of “Skorpena” Club dived under ice, organized night-diving competition, and gave the spring a warm welcome by canoeing along the Łyna river. Furthermore, members of “Tabun” club hold a Tabuniada – one of the most popular meetings for lovers of two-wheelers. Academic Tourist Club, apart from rallies and orienteering, arranged a national hitch-hiking contest, while Cezar and KloszArt theatres put on plays that were a genuine feast for souls. All of the above initiatives were documented in the photographs taken by members of Student Photo Agency “Jamnik”.

Want more details? Look for posters, enter ACK’s webpage (, or visit us in the Dormitory no.2, room 08. Study ACKtive – we are waiting for you!

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