1. The publication is free of charge.

2. Address submitted texts to one of the following sections:

     – scientific articles,

  • social communication and media studies,
  • security studies,
  • pedagogy (education),
  • policy and administration sciences,
  • legal sciences,
  • canon law,
  • varia,

     – glosses,

     – reviews,

     – reports.

3. Papers should be sent by UWM’s Journal Platform System – Civitas et Lex ( – by clicking: Make a Submission.

4. All papers undergo a preliminary review by the Editor-in-chief in order to verify whether they fall within the subject matter and the editorial standards of the journal. The Editor-in-chief suggests the names of the reviewing editors. All papers are reviewed by two reviewers in a double-blind review process.

5. The review is provided in a written format by UWM’s Journal Platform System.

6. When the Reviewers suggest modifications to the paper, the Editor forwards their remarks to the Author for approval and consideration.

7. When a given paper receives two negative reviews, the Editor informs the Author(s) about it and the publication is declined.

8. When a given paper received two different reviews, the final decision is made by the Editor-in-chief who may or may not consult the Members of the Editorial Board.

9. While submitting the paper, the Author should also attach the statement of the transfer of copyright to the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn Publishing House and the declaration that the work in question had not been previously published elsewhere. The statement and declaration should be attached to the service – download.

10. It is the responsibility of the Authors to obtain consent for publishing any previously copyrighted data, drawings or photographic images.