1. Submissions are welcomed in Polish, English, German, Italian, Russian, French and Spanish.

2. Papers will be considered for Studia Ełckie only if they meet all of the requirements:

     – they have not previously been published elsewhere,

     – they are not being considered for publication elsewhere,

     – they meet the rules and standards (presented in the following tabs of the website):

  • Formal Requirements For Papers,
  • Ethical Standards,
  • The Reviewing Procedure,
  • Anti-Plagiarism Policy,
  • Copyright.

3. Address submitted texts to one of the following sections:

     – scientific articles,

  • social communication and media studies,
  • security studies,
  • pedagogy (education),
  • administration studies,
  • legal sciences,
  • canon law
  • varia, bringing together interdisciplinary articles from the border of social sciences and humanities.

     – gloss,

     – reviews,

     – reports.

4. The journal does not have any article submission charges or article processing charges.

5. Applications should be sent to the UWM Journal Platform: