1. All members of the editorial board and the scientific council are required to follow the Committee on Publication Ethics’ special guidelines for editors:

  • How to deal with text recycling [see]
  • Sharing of Information Among Editors-in-Chief Regarding Possible Misconduct [see]
  • A Short Guide to Ethical Editing for New Editors [see]
  • Guidance for Editors: Research, Audit and Service Evaluations [see]

2. Authors, who submit papers for publication in „Civitas et Lex”, and peer-reviewers, who undertake the task of reviewing these papers, are obliged to follow the Committee on Publication Ethics’ special guidelines respectively for Authors and peer-reviewers:

  • How to handle authorship disputes: a guide for new researchers [see]
  • COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers [see]

3. All the persons involved in the publication of „Civitas et Lex” are obliged to follow the Committee on Publication Ethics’ general guidelines:

  • Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing [see]
  • Retraction guidelines [see]
  • Cooperation between research institutions and journals on research integrity cases: guidance from the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) [see]

4. Ghostwriting barrier:

  • In order to counteract the phenomena referred to as „ghostwriting” and „guest authorship”, authors are obliged to comply with the ghostwriting barrier
  • We deal with „ghostwriting” when someone has made a significant contribution to the publication without disclosing his participation as one of the authors or without mentioning his role in the acknowledgments contained in the publication
  • The phenomenon of „guest authorship” consists in considering a specific person as the author or co-author, even though his participation was insignificant or did not take place at all
  • Readers should be sure that the authors of the publication reliably and honestly present the results of their work, regardless of whether they are its direct authors or have used the help of a specialized entity
  • In connection with the ghostwriting barrier, the author submits an appropriate statement: [The author’s statement]