The review of scientific articles

  • Two competent and independent reviewers are appointed by the editorial office to review a submitted article before being published. In the case when one of them recommends to reject an article, the third reviewer is appointed to evaluate the text. Two positive reviews of an article are needed for publication.
  • In case of papers written in non-Polish languages, the nationality of at least one of the reviewers is different from the nationality of author.
  • The model of a double-blind review process is only accepted by the editorial office, i.e. the author and the reviewer are anonymous to each other.
  • Review is in written form and includes definite conclusion on whether article should be published.
  • Criteria on which the article is accepted or rejected are present in the review form (see attachment below): Download file (MS Word): Article review form for Civitas et Lex
  • Reviewers are not allowed to make use of reviewed articles before their publication.
  • Authors are informed about the results of reviewing process, and can relate to them.
  • The ultimate decision about publishing a submitted paper is made by the Editor-in-chief upon two positive reviews of the paper.
  •  Names of reviewers of particular articles are not disclosed. Once a year the journal publishes the general list of reviewers on its website.