New Pathways in Linguistics 2008

 W 2008 roku ukazała się monografia zbiorowa  - pierwszy tom z serii wydawniczej - zatytułowana  New Pathways in Linguistics 2008, pod redakcją prof. dra hab. Stanisława Puppla i dr Marty Bogusławskiej-Tafelskiej, wydana przez Instytut Neofilologii UWM w Olsztynie.

Cały tom jest dostępny TUTAJ.


During the past several decades linguistics has been more and more concerned about the cognitive perspective. At that time, linguistics has shifted from considerations about the necessary interface between language, human cognition and the human mental prerequisites to language to a more communication-oriented stance. In this guise, linguistics has become involved in viewing the human agent, meant as producer and receiver of linguistic content, as co-determined by a number of convergent and necessarily interactive ingredients. Among them, one should enumerate the (neuro)biological, psychological, social, cultural, and semiotic factors which may thus be regarded as collectively responsible for providing the background to what is thought to guide the dynamism of 'the life of language'.

The present collection of papers, with its interdisciplinary character  and a multitude of viewpoints, is an attempt to demonstrate that language is a ubiquitous human activity which should be best accounted for while making reference to the afore mentioned variety of factors. Together, they constitute the complex and inevitably hybrid environments, both internal and external, for language. Subsequently, the ultimate rationale for the present publication comes from the recognition of the power of the various collaborative environments which together make language an extremely potent tool in human communicative encounters, capable of showing its own life as well as capable of attracting research along ever-changing pathways.