New Pathways in Linguistics 2009

W 2009 roku ukazała się monografia zbiorowa - drugi tom z serii wydawniczej - zatytułowana 'New Pathways in Linguistics 2009' pod redakcją prof. dra hab. Stanisława Puppla i dr Marty Bogusławskiej-Tafelskiej, wydana przez Instytut Neofilologii UWM w Olsztynie.

Cały tom jest dostępny TUTAJ.

New Pathways in Linguistics 2009 is a second volume in the series of monographs, the connection among which is the focus of attention on the interdisciplinary and dynamic perspective on language as a process. Linguistics has recently become involved in viewing the human agent, meant as producer and receiver of linguistic content, as co-determined by a number of convergent and necessarily interactive ingredients, among them being (neuro)biological, psychological, social, cultural, and semiotic factors which may be regarded as collectively responsible for providing the background to what is thought to guide the dynamism of the language ecosystem. The following chapters in the present book are aimed at exploring language embedded in the ever-evolving, open grid of systemic parameters and cognitive-cultural-social mechanisms, starting from new approaches to syntactic and phonological constraints in language, the metaphorical potential of language with its intracultural and intercultural dynamism, semantic nets, computer-mediated communication, language defined as an institution, or the psychodynamic analyses of the learning process, to enumerate but several of the issues discussed in the book.